Project Life | Hybrid process update

What you need to know about the entire hybrid memory keeping process

Since writing this post, I’ve been really into hybrid scrapbooking and using digital elements on my photos before printing them out.

Because of that, my documenting process has changed slightly as I adapt to my new found love of photo templates and digital elements.

Here’s a quick recap of what I used to do before:

Traditional Project Life process

1. Upload photos to your computer.

2. Sort photos into respective folders on your computer.

3. Use a Project Life sketch template.

4. Decide on photos.

5. Edit photos in your software of choice.

6. Print photos.

7. Scrapbook photos.

8. Add journaling.

And here’s what I do now:

Hybrid process

1. Upload photos to your computer.

2. Sort photos into respective folders on your computer.

3. Decide on photos.

Choose which photos you want to include for that week and copy them into a separate folder. I like to pick my favorites. Or I use a sketch template to help me decide.

4. Edit photos in your software of choice.

5. Add digital elements to photos.

This part of the process requires a bit more visualizing to see how everything fits than the traditional process does but I love playing with the different options.

Using a kit from One Little Bird and Paislee Press helps everything to co-ordinate beautifully. I love using these products on my projects – they are some of my favorites! There are also plenty of other good ones out there.

6. Print photos.

7. Add photos and journaling cards to the pocket spread.

My updated hybrid process is not completely different from what I used to do. I just spend more time on my computer than I do with the other process.

Overall, this process is a little more time consuming in the beginning, since I need more time to add photos and elements to the templates.

But it is much less time-consuming after the photos are printed. All that’s left to do is to slip them into pockets, add journaling cards and quick embellishments – and it’s done!

The beauty of the hybrid process is that I get to keep the paper element of documenting by still printing photos and journaling cards, while having the simplicity and ease of digital products. I also add various embellishments as finishing touches when I need to, but these have been fairly reduced since.

love this process now  and I can’t wait to continue using it in my memory keeping.

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