Back to blogging + June currents


Breaking the silence on the blog this past month with a list of Currents as I ease back into life after a very, very fulfilling and restful trip with my favorite people.

I had all these big ideas for scheduling posts, but as you might’ve guessed, things didn’t quite work out as I planned.

Trying: to tolerate the humidity. Singapore’s weather is killin’ it.

Reading: Essentialism by Greg McKeown and Newspaper Blackout by Austin Kleon

Missing: the feeling of being on vacation, but

Loving: everything we did, places we saw, and people we hung out with – so good! So grateful for safety, travel, delicious food and memories made.

Planning: to be productive this week.

Hoping: everything goes as planned so I can get lots done this week.

Praying: about new seasons of life.

Learning: lots from webinars. So many good ones, and many of them are free!

Catching up: on my to-do lists.

Dreaming: of big plans and experimenting with new things.

Remembering: to not be afraid of failure, nor of trying.

Looking forward: to making stuff again with all my new supplies from the USA. Also, I really want to get on top of documenting all our travels!

Feeling: excited about sharing my creative workspace on Crafted by Pam! I’ve never shown my crafty space in this much detail before – it’s where all the magic happens, which isn’t always pretty, but it’s definitely worth it! It’s been up for awhile so hop over if you missed it.

Here’s to the rest of June being just as rad; have a wonderfully productive week! xx.

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