Project Life | 6 reasons to use sketch templates

6 reasons why you should use Project Life sketch templates to help you document (and a free sketch printable!)

Project Life catch up is underway and it’s a potentially ginormous task. While I would’ve panicked and felt overwhelmed previously, adding the step of Project Life sketches to my process has completely turned that overwhelm into steady “You can do it” encouragement.

Like I mentioned in this Project Life process overview post, a big part of my Project Life process is using a template to help me document.

I know sketches may seem like an unnecessary step, especially when it seems to potentially stifle creativity and spontaneity since some people do just fine without sketches. Since the whole Project Life process is about making it work for you, going sans Project Life sketches totally works if you’ve already found your groove and process flow.

That said, if you’re new to Project Life and/or looking to refine your process, here’s a run down of why you should use Project Life templates  to help you document

1. It saves time.

In the long run, sketches are a huge time saver because I know exactly what goes where when I sit down to scrap and I don’t have to spend time figuring out where things need to go.

2. It provides a big picture overview.

By looking at the week as a whole, you can decide how much space you have to include various photos, journaling and memorabilia and then decide what should be included or left out.

3. It allows you to experiment / work according to themes.

Because you have the big picture overview, it’s easier to decide on using photo templates, or how to edit photos to create a cohesive spread.

4. It let you work in batches.

If you are a batch process person like I am, sketch templates are so helpful in keeping you on track and helping you stay focused (and not confused!) when you work on multiple spreads consecutively.

5. It saves money and resources.

Because you plan ahead of time, you can avoid reprinting photos because you already know what you want.

6. It prevents frustration.

No more frustration of not having enough photos, having photos in the wrong size, or having too many photos when I finally sit down to scrap because it’s all been done already.

I cannot say enough how much I love using sketches as part of my documenting process!

As a pen (or pencil) and paper person, I designed a brand-new Project Life sketch printable to help in my process, and made it a free printable for you, my wonderful readers! You can download it for free by subscribing to my newsletter.

6 reasons why you should use sketch templates in your documenting process (and a free sketch printable!)


The sketch comes in Design A because it is what I primarily use. But I’ve also designed one with just blank squares so you can use it for other designs that you may choose as well!

P.S. If you are inclined to do sketches in a digital format, try Olya‘s brilliant idea where she used the Project Life app (available in iTunes, and recently available for Android as well).

Do you use sketch templates for Project Life – why or  why not? Share with me in the comments!

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