11 ways to create with less and stay trendy

11 ways to keep up with crafty trends without spending more money

This post could otherwise be titled, How to follow crafty trends without spending a ton. Because since I’ve made a conscious effort to spend less while still creating, part of that effort includes committing to not spend money on products I don’t need.

Still, it can be oh so tempting when I see inspiring new products and creative trends which make me have all the heart eye emojis. Most of the time, I need to use all my willpower to stop myself from succumbing and seriously ask myself, Do I really need this?, considering my already full stash at home.

That said, not spending money on new products or tools doesn’t mean that you can’t have a go at crafty trends, some of which end up staying a lot longer than you might expect.

How to create with less and still stay trendy

1. Follow trendy techniques.

Not product, so you can use tools and supplies you already have.

2. Use the “idea” or “concept” behind the new product.

Think of what the designer wanted to capture or was inspired by, and see how you can replicate that in your own way.

3. Make or design or do your own.

DIY may be the way to go – try making your own cork stickers or die cut shapes!

4. Use your stash to make things work.

It may not be exactly the same. But sometimes you might find something similar in your stash that could totally work.

5. Look online for ideas, possibilities, graphics etc.

The ideas and inspiration are limitless, so allow yourself to be inspired and creative!

6. Go digital.

Somehow, digital ends up being cheaper most of the time. So try the digital version (if it’s available) before committing and spending money on physical items. Digital options tend to have more possibilities too.

7. Ask people for feedback on their thoughts of the product.

Don’t be afraid to read reviews or ask for honest thoughts about trendy tools or products. That’s one way to gauge if the trend is worth your investment.

8. Share the new product with a friend.

Experiment and have fun together! So at least the cost is divided by half.

9. Ask yourself – can I see myself using this? Or is it just something cute that I like?

Often, the reality is that we can live without many things and end up collecting and forgetting about the things we purchase.

10. Know what works for you instead of jumping right onto the bandwagon.

Trendy things may not work for your style or workflow. So visualize how a trendy new product or tool might fit into how you currently create. That said, also don’t be afraid to experiment and try trendy things if you need / want to.

11. Be resourceful and find unexpected alternatives.

With a little bit of effort, sometimes you can find some great resources in unexpected places such as local dollar stores.

Ultimately, you could just ignore trends and do your own thing. Because, YOLO.

But if trying trendy things appeals to you, go for it! And of course, it doesn’t hurt to save some moolah along the way.

Have you tried creating with less? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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