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Last week, I shared in this post about catching up on twenty weeks of Project Life in two weeks. Sounds pretty crazyI know. Daunting as it sounds, part of the inspiration and motivation has come from scrolling through the #letscatchuponprojectlife hashtag on Instagram and seeing so many of you do this together.

This past weekend, I turned the plan into action and I spent about six hours pushing paper. I would’ve spent more time if I had more to spare. But alas, the weekend went by so quickly.

During the week prior to the weekend, I spent my free evenings planning my spreads, sorting through photos, editing, and compiling my week in reviews. On Friday, I sent the photos off to print at my local printer and got them back the same day.

So all I had to do this weekend was trim the photos, add them to the respective spreads, and choose paper to match. I don’t know if six hours is a long time to be just choosing paper for nine layouts. It probably is, considering all I had to do was just slot things in and the fact that all the spreads aren’t even actually complete.

But boy, I had so much fun pushing paper, you wouldn’t believe it. I’m totally in love with scrapbooking and this project. I was so absorbed in it all that I didn’t even have time to photograph the mess.

With the exception of week 14, I currently have the papers and photos for week 13 to 22 complete. That said, I am by no means ready to call these spreads done, but the skeleton is there with the photos and papers picked out. Now I just need to go back and add my weekly title cards,  journaling and embellishments.

I don’t know how well I’ll do with the catch-up plan this week, since I’m starting a new term and have a full workload at school this fall. But I hope the inspiration I received this weekend is sufficient motivation for me to press on to completion.

How are you doing with your Project Life catch-up? We’re in this together so let’s keep pressing on!

P.S. If you need more inspiration and motivation for catching up on Project Life, Caylee, Olya, and Lauren all have some great tips to help you out!

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